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Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Models
Fall 2019
SAS Hall 1108, Tue&Thu 8h30-9h45

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  • NEW Old first exams: 18_dm_exam_1.pdf, 17_dm_exam_1.pdf, 16_dm_exam_1.pdf, 13_dm_exam_1.pdf, 12_dm_exam_1.pdf, 11_dm_exam_1.pdf, 10_dm_exam_1.pdf, 09_dm_exam_1.pdf, 08_dm_exam_1.pdf, 07_dm_exam_1.pdf, 06_dm_exam_1.pdf, 04_dm_exam_1.pdf, 03_dm_exam_1.pdf, 02_dm_exam_1.pdf, 01_dm_exam_1.pdf, 99_dm_exam_1.pdf.
    Old first exams solutions (in the scanned documents the red text is grading information, which is not part of the solution): NEW 18_dm_sol_1.pdf, 17_dm_sol_1.pdf, 16_dm_sol_1.pdf, 13_dm_sol_1.pdf, 12_dm_sol_1.pdf, 11_dm_sol_1.pdf, 10_dm_sol_1.pdf, 09_dm_sol_1.pdf, 08_dm_sol_1.pdf, 07_dm_sol_1.pdf, 06_dm_sol_1.pdf, 04_dm_sol_1.pdf, 03_dm_sol_1.pdf, 02_dm_sol_1.pdf, 01_dm_sol_1.pdf, 99_dm_sol_1.pdf.
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  • Peoples' home pages: Erich Kaltofen.

    This semester's first and second midterm examinations (for dates see syllabus)


    • Homework 1, due Thursday, Sep. 12 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 2, due Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 3, due Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 4, due Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.
    • Homework 5, due Friday, Dec. 6 at 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.

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  • Homework 1 is posted; due Thursday, Sep. 12, 4:59pm, in my mailbox in SAS 3151.

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