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  Special Topics: Programming Languages for Mathematicians
Fall 2002
Harrelson 274, MW 3:45pm-5pm

Syllabus People C Java C++ Current Enrollment (Aug 26) Resources

Current Announcements

  • NEW I have submitted the grades. Please look them up on TRACS. If you have questions, please send me email.
    Have a Happy Holidays!
  • NEW The C++ project is now rewritten to comply with the standard. See the syllabus.
  • Due to a winter storm, class is canceled on Wed, Dec 4. The make-up class is Wed, Dec 11, 3:45pm-5pm.
  • The template-template parameters now work. See prof2A.h and main2A.cpp
  • I have activated the link to the C++ project on the syllabus. The project is identical to the 2000 project.
  • My office hours are listed on my schedule.

Peoples' home pages: Erich Kaltofen.

C programs for the course

    For the topics the individual programs demonstrate, see the syllabus.

Java programs for the course

    For the topics the individual programs demonstrate, see the syllabus.

C++ programs for the course

    For the topics the individual programs demonstrate, see the syllabus.

Computer Help Resources

Old Announcements

  • I will be in China until August 20. There will be a preliminary organizational meeting on Friday, August 23, 10-11am, in my office in HA 334. Please send me your weekly schedule, even if you can attend that meeting. The missed class will be made up later.
  • This course is intended for graduate students in mathematics. Programming languages that are useful to mathematicians are introduced. The course will cover the three computing languages C, Java, and C++, each of which will be allocated one third of the semester. As homeworks, small programs will be written by the students to practice the learned concepts. (There are no examinations, and the programs are the sole parameter used to determine the course grade. Three of four working programs will get you an A.) Modern program development techniques will be explained. An emphasis is put on program reuse (from existing libraries, for example) and on creating "glue" between existing applications like web browsers and math systems.

    In Fall 1998, Fall 1999, and Fall 2000, a similar course was given. The amount material covered in class is still quite large. On demand, I will cover less material at a slower pace, so that students with limited programming experience can benefit from it. The topics are listed in last year's syllabus.
  • The due date of the first C project is moved to Monday.
  • The syllabus is posted, including the first C project.
  • We have agreed on a meeting time. Class will be held Monday and Wednesday, 3:45-5pm, in Harrelson 274.
  • The second C project has been extended to be due on Oct 16, 9am.
  • Honghua found a bug in my writeup. The permission to the cgi binary has to be set chmod ugo+rx maple_cgi_linux (the "u" was missing).
  • Please do not debug your C project 2 through the web server. Run it standalone on picard (or oreobox). How to do this is in the project writeup (updated for the bash shell).
  • The second C project is posted (see syllabus).
  • I will be away Oct 17, 2002, in the afternoon. The office hours are canceled.
  • The Java project is assigned (see the syllabus). Due Monday, Nov 11, 11:59pm.