Erich L. Kaltofen  Han Lu 寒爐 stamp   Professor of Mathematics, Symbolic Computation, NCSU
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Duke University
ACM Fellow

Mail address:
North Carolina State University
Mathematics Department, Box 8205
Raleigh, N.C. 27695-8205 USA

Physical address: SAS Hall 4220 (NCSU)
Member of the Genomics Faculty (NCSU), Graduate Faculty of Computer Science (NCSU)

Phone: (919) 515 8785 ¶ Secretary: (919) 515 2382 ¶ Fax: (919) 515 3798
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Current activities (links are to items inside documents categorized below)
   - Spring 2024 courses: MA410, MA 792-1 ¶ Fall 2023 course: MA351
   - My research students/postdocs Current publications
   - Current Conferences: ISSAC'24
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   - Joint projects: Genomic SciencesLinBox
   - Computer Algebra Handbook: Springer announcement (search for "Kaltofen")
   - ORMS: Oberwolfach References on Mathematical Software

The online document contains links to 146 online publications, my BibTeX bibliography, and a description of my major results. All my 81 co-authors. Google Scholar profile. Paper citations by Microsoft Academic Search (2010).
With my students I have built three major systems: DAGWOOD, DSC, and FoxBox. I am a founding member and co-designer of the LinBox library. APPFAC are our Maple and Matlab packages for approximate polynomial GCD and factorization, ZNIPR our Maple package for sparse rational function model recovery. ARTINPROVER is our semidefinite programming-based software for exactly certifying global optima of semialgebraic problems.

Undergraduate courses
My subjects are: complexity theory, computer algebra, programming languages, data structures, introductory computer science, linear algebra
Graduate courses
My subjects are: algorithm design, programming languages, formal methods, parallel algorithms, symbolic computation
High school summer program
Paper on pedagogy
Instructional software
A popular Maple package is my RSA encryption. My course homepages link to additional software.

Individual students and postdocs for whom I have been research advisor

Public lectures
My screen files for several of my talks and my recorded voice are linked from the online document.

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